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Friday, January 23, 2015


Go to space dream of many inhabitants of the earth. However, modern technology is not yet ready to implement science-fiction dreams everyone. It is possible that not very distant future, there will be the first lucky ones who can not go on holiday in the hot tropical countries, and in the orbit of our planet.
Bigelow Aerospace Company was established in 1998 in order to create the world's first space hotel. At this stage, it is developing a residential unit for the ISS. It is a private company of hotel magnate Robert Bigelow, who set out to open the first orbital hotel. Bigelow Aerospace developed manned space modules, two of them, even without a people, but are already orbiting the Earth.
As advertising in early September in Yekaterinburg will host the International Exhibition and Conference Oil & Gas Great Urals. For those wishing to proposed lease of podiums and a few other options for participation in the exhibition. All the details about the event can be found on the website Here is the exhibition program and the program of the conference.
first orbital hotel BEAM 1 (680x503, 347Kb)
Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, and abbreviated BEAM, will be the first manned orbital module in Earth orbit. In expanded form an inflatable space station will have an area of 330 m 3 and can accommodate 6 astronauts.
first orbital hotel BEAM 5 (600x400, 172Kb)
BEAM launch into orbit is scheduled for 2015-th year. Within two years of the ISS astronauts will test module for durability, safety and comfort for human habitation. These studies will form the basis for further work on the creation of the world's first orbital hotel.
first orbital hotel BEAM 4 (580x483, 287Kb)

first orbital hotel BEAM 3 (700x463, 345Kb)
first orbital hotel BEAM 2 (700x450, 240Kb)


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